Dec. 21st, 2009 12:52 pm
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I know how to do this. It's not as exciting and fun as chaining, granted, but it gets the job done with water and cave pokemon. And high-level ones, too. Like Skarmory - who wants a half-grown green and silver metal bird, when they can have a brand new one?

So, because there seems not to be much activity on Dreamwidth so far, I thought I'd do a promotion - if any Dreamwidth poke-player sees this and wants a shiny, whichever breedable one it may be, I will make it for you. All you have to do is attach mail or a battle item (i.e: protein, X Special Atk) to your fodder and send it on over to me. Be sure to note whether you want it to have a nickname, and what that nickname is, otherwise I'll assume you want it to be left alone - it will remain SMEARGLE, or ABSOL, or whatever your chosen pokemon is.

~You may have to send me the pokemon you want to be shiny, if I don't have it. It must be at level 15 or above, or I'll owe a ridiculous amount in daycare fees. @_@

~Please be sure to tell me if it's foreign to a North American game - if I don't know, the RNG might not work!

~ Please tell me if you want it back, or I'll keep the parent.

~ I can't quite control the ability, gender or nature of the pokemon that I RNG, either. I can try several times for the gender, but there are too many natures to be picky about, especially if you want a specific set of Gender + Nature + Ability.

~ And I don't check IVs. So... these are the stipulations, I hope they're not too bad.

~ 2 per person, and don't forget to include your friend code! This offer will remain open until I get so bogged down, I'll have to close it to save my sanity. But I don't expect it to, so.

~ Go Here to see if your pokemon is ready. Post on this community's entry to pick it up. :)

FC: Bee ♥ 0990 0899 5663

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Welcome, welcome!

How are you all? I created this community because the one on LJ is pretty cool, and this topic needs to be really put out there. :D

So, this is I caught and traded for so far:


Cake was caught on a chain of 5. He was superluck, I'll admit that. Route 205.

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